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Articles and reports related to EUROSUNMED activities


Photovoltaics (PV):

  • International Energy Agency (IEA), Task 8: In September 2009, Task8 published the latest report entitled “Energy from the Desert –Very Large Scale Photovoltaic Systems, Socio-Economic, Financial, Technical and Environmental Aspects”. This will motivate expected stakeholders to realize VLS-PV project in the near future. Moreover, a series of proposals from different viewpoints and directions will enable us to provide essential knowledge or detailed practical instructions in order to realize the sustainable implementation of VLS-PV development in the future. The full report can be accessed here: http://iea-pvps.org/index.php?id=35&eID=dam_frontend_push&docID=1534


  • PV in MENA: a guide produced in conjuction with MENASOL, the 6th Annual Middle East and North Africa Solar Conference and Exhibition (May 2014, Dubai), where developers and solar companies interacted on how to create an unbeatable proposal based on the winning combination of market insight and robust desert plant design. Download the document here: http://www.pv-insider.com/menasol/pdf/policyintoplants.pdf


Concentrated Solar Power (CSP):

  • News from CSP Today, 30 December 2013:
    Opportunities surrounding local component manufacture in Morocco are beginning to seem tangible. From humble beginnings the potential to reach, not only for components with low entry barriers, but also the more specialist, high-value ones too, seems better than ever before.
    Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/1ccq0Le



  • The Wide-Area Energy Storage and Management System Phase 2 Final Report (2010), a report from the US Department of Energy: http://bit.ly/1cyGHBz





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