Other European networks and projects collaborating with EUROSUNMED:



REELCOOP (Renewable Electricity Cooperation) is a EU/FP7 funded project aiming to develop renewable electricity generation technologies and promoting cooperation between EU Partner Countries and Mediterranean Partner Countries, which started in 1 September 2013, with a duration of 4 years. For more information: www.reelcoop.com 




The Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research & Innovation Gateway - MED-SPRING project - is a FP7 coordination and support action. The project, built on the previous experience of the INCO.NET MIRA, but adapted to the new reality of the Euro-Mediterranean policy and the general orientations defined in the Euro-Mediterranean Conference of Barcelona (2-3 April 2012), is focused on three societal challenges (Energy, High Quality Affordable Food, and Scarcity of resources) and aims at tackling policy objectives by creating a dialogue and coordination platform of governmental institutions, research organisations, associations and civil society. For more information: www.medspring.eu. Information material can be downloaded from:http://www.medspring.eu:8008/. 




ETRERA 2020 aims at facing the future energy needs in the Euro–Mediterranean area by creating a collaborative research/innovation network for supporting renewable energy sources (RES) technologies development and application. The ETRERA 2020 idea is to improve S&T and entrepreneurial relationships between European Member States and MPC in the field of renewable energy production, distribution and storage by a range of activities targeted to bridging the existing gap between research and innovation. For more information: www.etrera2020.eu




MAGHRENOV FP7 Project aims to support innovation in the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) sector in the Mediterranean   basin. The Consortium brings together partners from Europe and MAGHREB countries, whose shared goal is to establish a common Euro-Mediterranean innovation space. For more information: www.maghrenov.eu.



The objective of SOLARROK is to deepen the transnational cooperation between leading European research-driven clusters in the Photovoltaic (PV) sector. For more information: www.solarrok.eu