2nd EUROSUNMED Roadmap Workshop


The 2nd EURSOUNMED RoadMap workshop was held on November 15th 2016 at Palm Plaza Hotel & SPA, Marrakech (Morocco).


It was orgnanized in conjunction to IRSEC’16 conference (http://med-space.org/irsec16/) and COP22 (http://www.cop22.org).

The purpose of this one-day event was to launch discussions on appropriate actions for long-standing cooperation between academic and industry partners from EU and MPCs in the area of solar energy. This is a key element for sustainable and efficient relationships.

The discussions concerned the demands of the solar industry as well as the needs in research infrastructure, education and training and dissemination activities for a large deployment of solar energy in MENA countries and beyond. The workshop addressed the funding instruments available or suited for such developments.
The keynote talks were by invitation only.