Construction of a solar tower for the first experimental heliostat field in Egypt


EUROSUNMED, in close collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering at Helwan University and Nile Valley Engineering Co., has successfully installed a solar tower for the first experimental heliostat field in Egypt. The site is located in Helwan, outside of Cairo.


The construction of the tower is part of the EUROSUNMED project activities, notably the workpackage concerning Concentrated Solar Power (CSP). The ultimate aim is to construct a complete demonstration system for a small heliostat power plant. In addition to the solar tower, the experimental field will contain a set of heliostats, a calibration system and a controller mechanism for the heliostats operation.  Also a thermal block, including a steam turbine and a generator for full production, control and monitoring, will be included in the long term. To reach this target, also other EUROSUNMED partners, especially the University of Alexandria (Egypt), CENER & TEKNIKER (Spain) and CNRS (France) are contributing with their know-how and staff efforts.


The experimental field will be an important facility for all renewable energy researchers in Egypt and will contribute to the study of new heliostat technologies, cost effective controllers and energy production. EUROSUNMED is planning to open the site also for visits from other local universities for a maximum dissemination effect.


Contact: Tamer Abdel Rehim, Nile Valley Engineering Co., Email:



PRESS RELEASE 03/03/2016 EUROSUNMED Solar Tower in Egypt