We seek to honor those whose work has already had a major impact in the field, and those young researchers whose work already leads to great expectations for future leadership.
The award is reserved to researchers showing exceptional promise as leaders in the materials science having performed the research for which this prize is awarded while working in Europe.
The award consists of a 5,000 Euro cash prize, a certificate, waiver of the meeting registration fee and a plenary talk at the 2017 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society where the award will be presented.
Nominations should include:
- Curriculum Vitae including birth date.
- List of key publications (including citations and impact factors)
- Letters of support from two well established scientists
- Any additional supporting information relevant to the award
The nomination package should not exceed 10 pages (excluding the list of key publications) and should be sent by email at emrs@european-mrs.com (subject: eu40materials) before February 28, 2017


Don't delay. Visit http://european-mrs.com/ for further information.

Deadline: February 28, 2017