EUROSUNMED participates at ETRERA_2020 International Green Energy Conference


EUROSUNMED was represented at the ETRERA_2020 International Green Energy Conference InGEC & EmHyTec in Tunisia from 9 to 12 May 2016. Mr Tamer Abdel Rehim from Nile Valley Engineering, Egypt, presented the EUROSUNMED project and the current status of its Roadmap, i.e. actions for long-standing cooperation between the EU and MPC in the field of renewable energies. 

The overall goal of the event was to bring together actors working on research, innovation and policy for clean and sustainable energy in the Euro-Mediterranean region. With more than 100 participants, the event was an important opportunity to debate the current status on wind, solar and bio energy, smart grids and energy storage, energy policies and socio-economic aspects of RES power and on hydrogen production and storage, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, systems, policy and cross-cutting issues. The conference was also an important opportunity to validate a commonly defined policy by the six involved research & innovation projects (SoHealthy, CINEA, FP4BATIW, MENFRI, MARE, MAGHRENOV and ETRERA_2020). This policy represents a unique package for research and development of the Mediterranean Region. The main points of the policy are summarized below (source: Innova BIC).