Roadmap Workshop


EUROSUNMED, in collaboration with one of its partners, EUREC, organized a Workshop on 14th April 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the workshop was to start a discussion on the so-called Roadmap for EUROSUNMED, the aim of which is to define actions for long-standing cooperation between the involved partners from EU and MPCs in the area of solar energy.


About 35 participants representing the European Commission, the EUROSUNMED Project consortium , and it’s close collaborator, the REELCOOP project, had been invited to brainstorm about concrete concepts for cooperation between EU and MPCs on solar energy, including the aspects of research, training, industrial development, policy support and regulatory framework.


A number of international experts in the field of Renewable Energies had also been invited to join a Panel Discussion about currently existing and future collaborative initiatives between EU and MENA.


The full programme and the presentations are available below.




Introduction by Abdelilah Slaoui Introduction to Roadmap by Paola Mazzucchelli The Energy Union, the Integrated SET Plan, Horizon 2020 and the Mediterranean Countries by Philippe Schild (DG RTD) Marcel Bial, ESTELA Refaat Chaabouni, MAGHRENOV Mohamed Elsobky, NREA Samir Rachidi, MASEN Armando Oliveira, REELCOOP Roberto Vigotti, RES4MED