Alexandria University

Alexandria University was established in 1942; the number of Faculties and high institutes on Alexandria University is 21. It contains 170249 undergraduate, 21924 graduate students. Believing in its role towards Arab and African countries, Alexandria University established in 1960 in Beirut, Lebanon, "Beirut Arab University" which is run and supervised by educational and administrative cadres from Alexandria University. Recently, Alexandria University established branches in N'djamena in Chad and another one in south of Sudan.


Mission and Objectives: Alexandria University will be a bold and innovative leader in providing an accessible, adaptable and challenging learning environment to develop graduates and research that meet the needs of its regional, national and international communities. As an academic institution, the University holds the intellectual and personal growth of the individual to be a central purpose. Its programs are designed to broaden perspectives, enrich awareness, deepen understanding, and establish disciplined habits of thought, prepare for meaningful careers for students, and thus, to help develop individuals who are informed, responsible, and productive citizens.


Alexandria University included the following Faculties / Institutions:

Faculty of Arts - Faculty of Law - Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Science - Faculty of Medicine - Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Engineering - Faculty of Agriculture - Faculty of Education - Faculty of Dentistry - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Faculty of Tourism and Hotels - Faculty of Fine Arts - Faculty of Sport Education for Men - Faculty of specific education - Faculty of nursing - Faculty of Agriculture (SabaBasha) - Faculty of Physical Education for Girls - High Institute of Public health - Medical Research Institute - Institute of Graduate Studies and research (IGSR)



Contact person:

Dr Khaled El-Saadany

Executive Manager of Grants, Innovation & Technology Transfer Center


Faculty of Agriculture Aflaton St. El-Shatby

- Alexandria


Phone : +2 0101717303

Fax : +03-5931714

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