CNESTEN (Centre National de l’Energie des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires)

CNESTEN is a public institution founded in 1986 with a legal and financial autonomy and operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and Environment. The CNESTEN is controlled by a board who takes two sessions per year.




According to his missions, CNESTEN developed three vocations concerning the research, the technical support and services related to the nuclear sciences and technology.


The CNESTEN main missions deal to:

  • Develop and promote nuclear research and their applications in socio-economic sectors
  • Contribute into the national Nuclear Power Plant program 
  • Support the authorities in the nuclear safety and security programs
  • Collect and manage the radioactive waste material 





On 2010, CNESTEN established a strategic plan concerning the period 2011-2015.

The main objectives of this plan highlight with the development of add value of the infrastructures of Maamora Nuclear Center. 

CNESTEN has also an ambition to be a regional Center for research, training and expertise opened to the African and Arabic countries.



Main Activity domains:

  • Energy
  • Health
  • Industry
  • Water  
  • Agriculture
  • Environment 
  • Mine and Geology
  • Material Sciences
  • Safety  and security



Partnership and networks:

  • Universities and Research institutions
  • Economical operators
  • Non-Governmental Organisations 
  • International Cooperation (IAEA, USA, France, ...)



Contact person:

Bouchra Belhorma 



R.P. 10001 - Rabat


Phone : +212 (0) 5 37 81 97 50

Fax : +212 (0) 5 37 80 32 77

Email :