EUREC (The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres)

EUREC is the leading association of research centres and university departments active in the area of renewable energy ( The purpose of the association is to promote and support the development of innovative technologies and human resources to enable a prompt transition to a sustainable energy system.



EUREC Agency’s activities are divided into four main categories:


  • NETWORKING: facilitating exchange of information to improve scientific knowledge and expertise on the latest technology as well as policy developments in the area of renewable energy technologies.


  • PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: fostering joint project development amongst its members, as well as widely promoting and disseminating research results. EUREC is involved in the Secretariat of two European Technology Platforms:


  • POLICY INPUTS: definition of common positions related to policy dossiers of interest to the renewable energy research community (e.g. Framework Programmes, SET-Plan, financing instruments…). The latest information on policy documents can be downloaded from the EUREC Agency’s website.


  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING: coordination of the European Master in Renewable Energy, taught in nine universities across Europe ( 


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