Helwan University (HU)

HU is 20 Faculties having about 100,000 under graduates, 11000 postgraduates, and 4000 staff members. In addition to the defined fields such as Business, Engineering, Computers, Science, Humanities, the University is a distinguished specially in applied arts, fine arts, Music, and Hotel managements.  The University offers all academic degrees (undergraduates and postgraduates) in the fields relevant to each Faculty. Helwan University have many researches and development projects funded nationally and internationally. Their experiences are extended to share the international projects such as Tempus III, and IV, FP7, Erasmus Mundus, NSF, and USAID. In addition the University have many renewable energy projects funded nationally to develop PV tracking system, Water desalination system, and Wind farms energy sitting selection in Egypt. The University has many international protocols with international and regional institutes all over the world. The University is supported by high Egyptian calibre staff who had their degrees from different Universities abroad. In addition to the energy and environment projects, HU has many other activities in the field of Tourisms, fine arts, applied arts, music, physical education, space science and other services to the community. The University also share the needed experience with the long planned strategy of the country and support the sustainable development of the community. In brief, HU has the needed potential to share the experience in the education development, research work, development in the regional areas, and the long term strategy of the region.



Contact person:

Professor Dr. Amr M. A. Amin

Phone: +202 2555-8412       

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Faculty of Engineering at Helwan HelwanUniversity 1 Sherif Street

11792 - Helwan


Phone : +202 2555-8412

Fax : +202 2555-8294